Practice Areas


Private Health Insurance Plan Operators

Our office has worked with private health insurance plan operators (“OPS”) for many years, and is at the front of regulations issued by the National Supplementary Health Agency, orientating all types of OPS in the structuring and registration of their products, development of their portfolio, and defense in administrative and/or judicial proceedings.

The major differential of our office is our in-depth knowledge of the health sector, enabling our clients to develop viable and innovative solutions.

The principal activities in which Machado Nunes works together with OPSs are as follows:

  • Defense in administrative and judicial processes involving the ANS;
  • Defense in administrative and judicial processes related to Reimbursements to the SUS;
  • Elaboration of draft Continuous Provision Service Contracts for services or coverage of care costs (business, collective and individual);
  • Drawing up draft contracts to be signed by Brokers and Benefits Administrators
  • Elaboration of Accredited Network contract drafts;
  • Provision of Legal Opinions in regard to the analysis and orientation of regulations issued by the ANS;
  • Product registration of requisition of Operation Authorizations from the ANS.